Bass Camp Terms and Conditions

Admission to the festival

Although Bass Camp is a family friendly festival, anyone under the age of 18 who is attending must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Under no circumstances can unaccompanied minors gain access to the festival.

Upon arrival to the festival site your ticket will be replaced with a wrist band, this does not guarantee right of re-admission during the festival should the wristband become lost or damaged.

With the exception of guide dogs or registered support dogs, absolutely no animals will be allowed on site during the festival.

The festival and it’s promoters reserve the right to refuse admission to the festival. The Festival has a policy of random body and bag searches on admission. As a condition of entry you must submit to any search request of a reasonable nature.

As an attendee of the festival you may be filmed, photographed or recorded as part of the audience. Any such media is owned by Bass Camp Festival and may be used for promotional material. By purchasing a ticket, you give Bass Camp Festival the permission to use this media. Any media such as video, audio, or photography recorded at the event falls under the sole ownership of Bass Camp Festival and it’s promoters who may demonstrate their right to use said media, and also have any media removed from public forums.

As a ticket holder, it is at your own risk to enter the festival. The Promoters do not accept any liability for damages, loss, or injuries sustained at the festival. This includes loss or damage to property, however it is caused.

This is a “leave no trace” festival, we are working hard to be as environmentally friendly as possible! Rubbish sacks will be available for your campsite rubbish, please dispose of all other items including cigarette butts in the bins provided.

Prohibited items

Patrons will be denied entry to the festival, and also removed, if they are found with the following prohibited items: Professional audio, audio-visual, recording equipment, dangerous and threatening items of any description including but not limited to – Knives, weapons, alcoholic drinks, drugs, glass bottles, fireworks. Etc. 

Unauthorized photography or audio/video recording of any performance at the Festival is strictly prohibited, lets put our phones in our pockets and enjoy the vibe, we have professional videographers onsite to capture the memories to share with you.

Only Pre-Authorized commercial, promotional, or trading activities may be permitted on to the Festival site. No such activities may take place without prior agreement with Bass Camp Festival and it’s promoters.

The Festival does not take responsibility for confiscated items – We will try to to ensure all items are returned however we can not guarantee this. The Best option is to make sure you don’t bring any of the aforementioned items. Please do not hesitate to enquire with us before you bring anything that you feel may be confiscated.

Illegal substances are strictly prohibited at the Festival. Any person found in possession of such substances will have them confiscated and the prohibited items will be destroyed.


Tickets are non refundable. Any performance and attraction may be subject to change. No refund will be offered or applicable if any such event or performance is cancelled or rescheduled.

Reselling tickets

Ticket re-sales are at the risk of the original and new bearers; the ticketing outlet accepts no responsibility if any problem should arise due to third party transactions. Tickets for the festival will only be available from accredited outlets. Holders of tickets that have not been purchased from these outlets will be refused entry to the festival and the promoter holds no liability if this situation occurs.

Mailing list

By purchasing a ticket to Bass Camp Festival you accept that you will be added to the promoters mailing and text list. Any such information will not be passed on to any third parties and will be used to inform you of event information from the promoter. You will be given the option to opt out of this once you have received a newsletter.